Kuda Huraa (2001-ongoing)

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Seamarc's Reefscapers at work, Kuda Huraa

Reef Restoration Project (January 2002, on-going)

Started as an environmental and research programme, focused on pre-emptive restoration and rejuvenation of reefs affected by coral bleaching. Seamarc started using “reef balls” as artificial reef structures, with corals maricultured in nurseries to be transplanted on the bare substrate.
This project gradually evolved into Reefscapers, in conjunction with Four Seasons Resorts Maldives – one of the most successful artificial coral reef propagation projects in the world.
Seamarc also manages the Marine Discovery Centre at Kuda Huraa (and Landaa Giraavaru) – one of the largest teams of marine biology experts in the country. We specialise in coral reef propagation, environmental awareness and sea turtle rearing & rescue.

Beach management plan (December 2001)

A qualitative attempt at understanding the island’s near-shore coastal processes, plan the coastal structures and control the beach aesthetics.

Environmental Impact Assessment for restoration projects after the 2004 Tsunami

The island of Kuda Huraa was badly hit by the tsunami of 2004, and the resort was closed down for renovation. A comprehensive survey of the island was carried out to assess and minimise the environmental impact of restoration.
An Environmental Impact Assessment Report was produced and submitted to the Government of Maldives, which details the works to be carried out and the impacts, along with mitigation measures to be implemented.

EIA for the installation of a sewerage treatment on K. BoduHuraa (August 2006)

Proposed implementation of a sewerage treatment plant for the local island of Bodu Huraa. An EIA and public consultations were carried out, and a written report submitted to the government for approval.