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Invasiva soft coral Unomia stolonifera video

Unomia stolonifera (before Xenia stolonifera), is a soft coral from the Indo-Pacific that has invaded Venezuela and threatens the entire Caribbean.
In this Instagram video you can see and evaluate the problem.
We need help.
Ángel Rafael Fariña Pestano
afarina46 -at- yahoo. com

S.O.S. Invasive octocoral “Unomia stolonifera” (XENIIDAE) in the Southeastern Caribbean Sea !

Here is a “graphic map” illustrating the current situation of the ongoing invasion of Unomia stolonifera in the Venezuela coastline.

For your general knowledge and other urgent purposes: Facebook LINK#1 – and – LINK#2

For more information/details, please get in touch directly with the “Unomia Project” specialists. Any kind of guidance/ help facing this difficult regional problem would be welcome !!

(In addition) since 2018, two other octocoral invaders originating from the Indo-Pacific have been officially registered by researchers, on Brazil’s NE & SE coastlines, the Green soft coral Clavularia cf. viridis and the Blue xenia or Blue soft coral Sansibia cf. flava. Here is a “graphic map” illustrating the current situation regarding the ongoing invasion of this exotic octocorals in the Brazilian coastline.

The Neotropical region of our world has been an active target in recent times, mainly through the active vector of the aquarium trade, of various types of biological invasions, to the immediate detriment of our natural environment.

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