Sea Turtle Veterinarian in the Maldives

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CLOSED Vacancy : Sea Turtle Veterinarian

Brief Job Description

We have a unique opportunity for a turtle care specialist to join our Marine Savers team. We invite applications from qualified veterinarians with experience of reptile biology, as well as from veterinary nurses and turtle biologists with extensive experience of sea turtle care and rehabilitation.

The Role

• Manage our Turtle Rescue Centre; on-call for rescue and first-aid (surgery and amputations).
• Develop diet plans; turtle hand-feeding; clean & maintain the rehabilitation tanks.
• Conduct research on ‘Buoyancy Syndrome’; order medications, develop protocols and facilities.
• Connect with rescue centres inter/nationally; continue our ‘Flying Turtles’ program.

The Ideal Candidate

Either: Veterinary Science qualifications, with experience in reptile pathology and surgery.
Or: Extensive experience in sea turtle care, with qualifications in veterinary nursing or marine science.
• Knowledge and experience in corals and tropical marine biology preferred.
• Proficient written/spoken English (extra languages desirable); sociable, creative, adaptable.
• Computer literate; confident swimmer; SCUBA certified; physically fit non-smoker (able to lift 20kg).

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