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Save the Beach started in 2008 as a youth movement to conserve the beaches in Villingili. Initially holding regular cleanup events, Save the Beach is now the responsible authority for cleaning and protecting the beaches and reefs of Villingili, planting new trees on the shoreline and holding community awareness programmes.

Volunteers and activists of Save the Beach have keenly observed the ongoing changes to the island due to reclamation, and how the work on the jetty and harbour have completely destroyed the reef and habitats of many living creatures. Save the Beach will constantly lobby for the protection of the beaches and reefs of Villingili and Maldives, and has now broadened its aims :
– Conserve and maintain the beaches and reefs of Villingili and to contribute to orderly and sustainable environmental management.
– Promote research and study for the benefit of the general public and to maintain the quality of life for residents of Malé.
– Create a model island that is environmentally friendly yet embraces human advancements.

Many groups are now involved – the National Defence Force (MNDF), Police Services, various government and private offices, schools, NGOs and dive centres. In order to support the cause, Reefscapers donated a total of 39 coral frames as part of the One Nation Coral Revival event 5-6th June 2015 (Facebook). You can see these Villingili coral frames in our database, below. Reefscapers continue to provide technical assistance in coral reef restoration techniques

One Nation Coral Revival event 5-6th June 2015
One Nation Coral Revival event 5-6th June 2015