Kandooma Resort (2006-10)

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Holiday Inn Kandooma - Reefscaping

Environmental Impact assessment (July – October 2006)

The resort has recently been subleased by Leisure Holidays Pvt Ltd. The new management aims to upgrade the resort to a higher standard and start operating at the end of 2006. Thus a comprehensive survey of the island was carried out to assess and mitigate the consequences of the redevelopment on the environment. An Environmental Impact Assessment report has been produced, which includes a socio-economic component.

Coastal structures implementation

Seamarc was the consultant for the implementation of the coastal structures around the island.

Coral Tray project (March 08 – 2010)

Seamarc has been contracted to create an artificial reef to save corals threatened by the coastal developments and create a guest Reefscapers attraction.


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19 Sep 2006