Ayada, Magudhuvaa (2007)

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Environmental Impact Assessment, Magudhuvaa Resort, GaafDhaal Atoll (November 07- February 08)

The resort has recently been subleased by Ahmet Aydeniz Maldives. The new management aims to upgrade the resort to a higher standard and start operating at the end of 2009. Thus a comprehensive survey of the island was carried out to assess and mitigate the consequences of the redevelopment on the environment.

An Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been produced which includes a socio-economic component.

Artificial reefs and coral frames – During the construction of the resort, as many corals as possible where salvaged from the construction areas and a new technique for creating artificial reefs in shallow area was developed in order to create aesthetically pleasing reef and a dedicated snorkelling trail.


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19 September 2007

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