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Reefscapers coral reef propagation at Fulhadhoo Maldives

Reefscapers – Reef Regeneration Experts

In 2023, Noora Shawqi Jewellery teamed up with Reefscapers to start propagating corals and restoring coral reefs.

The Reefscapers international team of marine biologists have been working on marine environmental projects for 20 years. From humble beginnings back in 2001, the husband and wife co-founders Thomas and Marie have expanded to work on projects up and down the Maldives and internationally. Joined along the way by specialists in engineering, data science, aquaculture and animal husbandry, Reefscapers creates bespoke solutions in everything from reef restoration and coastal erosion, to the development and operation of complete marine education centres (such as Marine Savers).

Our team quickly develop their marine conservation skills in a busy and pioneering workplace, and many Reefscapers staff over the years have since moved on to new ventures within the Maldives and overseas, spreading their reef regenerating skills and establishing successful marine conservation projects of their own.

Noora Shawqi Maldives Reefscapers (Junonia bracelet)
Noora Shawqi Maldives Reefscapers

Noora Shawqi Jewellery

Founder & Creative-Director Noora Shawqi’s background emphasises her passion for jewellery. In 2017, she started using social media as a platform to share her favorite pieces from regional and international jewellers. Noora then pursued her passion, and is now a Diamond Graduate (Gemological Institution of America) certified in Digital Jewellery Design (International Gemological Institute). These experiences have given her an exclusive insight into jewellery manufacturing and design for diamonds and gemstones, allowing her to utilize these skills and officially launch her brand in 2018, inspired by her love for travel.

A jewellery concept inspired by the world’s most beautiful destinations 💎🌎

Noora Shawqi KUL AL USRA (2019)


Noora Shawqi VOGUE (Photo by Ayah Ballout for Vogue Arabia 2019)

interview by Vogue Arabia 🔗

Harper's Bazaar (May 2021 cover) Noora Shawqi

Harper’s Bazaar

Cosmopolitan ME (2023) Noora Shawqi with Reefscapers

interview by Cosmopolitan ME 🔗

The Maldives JEWELLERY Collection

The Maldives Collection fuses tropical island elements with contemporary designs for a unique twist to fine jewellery. Staying true to Noora Shawqi’s aesthetic of modern elegance and exquisite craftsmanship, this collection emits a spirit of unparalleled beauty.

The patterns found on seashells are translated onto delicate necklaces, bangles and rings, while exquisite mother of pearl is infused into each design to emphasize the rawness of the inspiration.

Embodying the serenity of the island is expressed through a color palette featuring mother of pearl gems in soothing tones of white, black, pink and turquoise gemstones that resemble the ocean.

Noora Shawqi Maldives Reefscapers (Junonia)
Noora Shawqi Maldives Reefscapers (Maldivian necklace)

Restoring Coral Reefs with Noora Shawqi

Noora Shawqi holds a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability and empowering local communities. Recognizing the crucial role that coral reefs play in marine life and the overall health of our planet, the brand is joining forces with Reefscapers to create a positive change and actively contribute to restoration efforts.

Thanks to this collaboration, Reefscapers are able to expand coral propagation projects, and to increase awareness of the susceptibility of coral reefs to elevated ocean temperatures. By experimenting with environmental parameters, we hope to mitigate the risks to our corals, and optimise health and growth rates to produce flourishing artificial reefs.

After placement in the lagoon, our new coral frames quickly become home to a variety of marine species, and after just a few months we see the establishment of ‘fish nurseries’ and important micro-habitats. After 24 months, we can start to harvest new coral fragments directly  from these mature coral colonies, for re-transplantation onto our new frames. This way, we propagate the healthy coral varieties that are proven to be more resilient to local environmental factors and are better suited to grow and flourish in the warming oceans.

Noora Shawqi recognizes the urgent need to protect fragile coral reef ecosystems, and is committed to donating towards coral reef restoration initiatives. This tangible action reflects Noora Shawqi’s genuine desire to make a lasting difference and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. Together, we believe we can restore and protect our invaluable coral reefs, preserving their breathtaking beauty and safeguarding marine life. Let us create a sustainable legacy for our planet’s future.

JCK interview: Noora Shawqi Partnership Dives Deep Into Coral Reef Preservation

How to Get Involved

You can sponsor a frame, and we will transplant it with healthy coral fragments on your behalf. You will receive a unique reference number, and photos will be uploaded every 6 months to this web page, allowing you to monitor the growth of your corals as they mature and flourish.




To learn more about our projects, please:

Contact Us at Noora Shawqi Jewellery



Reefscapers corals by Noora Shawqi [NS003H00231124]
Reefscapers corals by Noora Shawqi [NS010H00231124]

Reefscapers Coral Frames & Noora Shawqi Jewellery

Here you can see the photographs of our Reefscapers coral frames, kindly sponsored by Noora Shawqi Jewellery.

Our team inspect and maintain all of our frames, and photograph them bi-annually to monitor the growth of the coral fragments as they grow and mature.

How to view your frame photographs: Enter your name or email address or coral frame tag number into the search box and press ‘Submit’. For example, type a tag number such as NS010 and press submit.

Thank you to all our coral frame adopters!
It’s great to see so many people supporting our coral propagation program.

Noora Shawqi Maldives Collection Reefscapers
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