Coral Bleaching Map

We are recording historical instances of coral bleaching on our Reefscapers artificial reefs, from 2016 to date.
Our bespoke AI software is trained to analyse our coral frame database.

  • Adjust the slider to move through time, from late 2016 to 2023-24.
  • Data will span a 6-month time period, +/- 3 months either side of your selected date.
  • Click the numeric circle to expand the cluster; click the white coral icon to see frame tag number and bleaching date.
  • Each coral colony identified by our AI software as ‘bleached’ will be displayed on the map.
  • Known limitations: [1] small-sized frames only, at Four Seasons; [2] bleached colonies/frame unknown; [3] data is binary (bleached, or not) and does not identify ‘partial bleaching’ or ‘mortality’.
Acropora tenuis species, coral bleaching, Marine Savers Maldives