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Coral Reef Restoration

Our Initiative

Our aim is to protect the corals from anthropogenic threats such as pollution, global warming and human activities.

Corals are a vital part of the oceanic ecosystem, they are as significant as the rainforest for our oxygen in the atmosphere. A quarter of ALL marine life lives on coral reefs and rely on it for food, habitat and protection. In the last 30 years there have been many anthropogenic (human related) threats causing coral to be destroyed, bleached and die.

We are actively trying to assist their recovery and continue to let surviving corals thrive. These frames can create an environment where corals are able to grow on stable substrate, which will generate a higher survival rate for the corals to be well established on the reef. Corals also play a vital role in protecting our island and its coastline. It creates a physical barrier, breaks waves and decreases coastal erosion naturally.

Corals are important for biodiversity, they encourage more marine species. Healthier reef equals healthier fish. They provide habitats for many animals including eel, octopus and sharks. Recreationally, this provides us a more variety of animals to see when we are snorkelling.

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Reefscapers Coral Frames at CONSTANCE MOOFUSHI

Here you can see the details and photographs of all our Reefscapers coral frames that have been transplanted around Constance Moofushi.

We regularly check and maintain all of our frames, and photograph them every 6 months to monitor the growth of the coral fragments as they mature and flourish.

How to view your frame photographs: Enter your name or email address or coral frame tag number into the search box and press ‘Submit’. For example, type a 3-digit tag number such as 010 and press submit.

Thank you to all our frame sponsors for supporting our important coral reef propagation work.