Reethi Rah Resort Projects (2003 & 2011-)

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Reethi Rah Resort Projects (2003 & 2011-)

EIA for channel dredging at Madivaru (June 2003)

Madivaru, an island very close to Medhufinolhu (Reethi Rah) was being developed as a shipyard and required a channel to be dredged. The possible impacts of the development were assessed, as well as plans to utilize the dredged material.

Coastline stability (September-October-November 2003)

This project consisted of consultancies for the laying out of the coastline after the dredging operations and coastal works at Medhufinolhu. This was a quantitative survey to assess sand loss and find ways to maintain the beach aesthetics.

Marine Biology Programmes (2011)

Seamarc and One & Only Resort at Reethi Rah have started a long term relationship to manage their marine biology programme, including developing Reefscapers coral frame propagation.