Environmental Impact Assessment – Maafahi

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Environmental Impact Assessment – Maafahi

Seagull Group Pvt Ltd – Environmental Impact Assessment, H. A. Maafahi

The agricultural and fisheries activity on Maafahi are increasing at a rapid pace, and the shallow harbour with little protection from wave action does not allow a practical access to the island, in particular for loading and unloading of the goods. The large vessels cannot approach the island and smaller vessels have to come back and forth. In addition, a slipway and channel is required for the larger safari boats being built on the island. The island is also subject to beach erosion.

The assignment involved designing some structures which would not impair the natural transport of sediment along the coast, while achieving the goals of practical access, harbour protection and hauling of vessels. The disposal of the excess sediment from the dredging operations also had to be taken care of and plans for land reclamation in the areas subjected to erosion were also laid out. To elaborate the designs and work plan, our Seamarc team took the bathymetry of the lagoon. We went on to study the benthic conditions to assess possible disruption to marine life, examined the substrates, and assessed the difficulties faced by the heavy machinery.

Finally a report was done to present the works and findings, to assess the possible damages, present mitigation measures and finally seek approval from the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Water.