IT programming, translations and boat building

IT programming, translations and boat building

James Cook University – Analysis of salinity and temperature data (September 2002)

Seamarc developed a computer programme for filtering, revising and analysing data, collected by a marine salinity and temperature probe. The application data originated from vertical water column profiles, taken at the mouth of the Herbert and the Burdekin River (North Queensland, Australia).

Atoll Editions – Translation Work

Seamarc were commissioned to translate the following books about Maldives from English to French language :

  • Dive Maldives, by Tim Godfrey (2002)
  • Marine Life of the Maldives, by Neville Coleman (2000)

Construction and Operation of Safari Boat NOAH (December 03 – October 04)

Seamarc constructed a 50 foot safari boat for carrying out research and eco-tourism activities. The boat was built in the Maldives in Raa and Noonu Atoll following local techniques.

NOAH has been in operation since November 2004, catering in particular for scientific surveys after the Tsunami of December 26th 2004 and other government projects.

Extensive renovations during year 2007 increased the boat length to 75 feet, and added extra accommodation. Visit our dedicated website for further details about NOAH, and to make booking enquiries.