Marine Savers at Four Seasons

Marine Life from Lab to Ocean! – We refurbish our large marine aquarium, and take a microscopic look at the fish eggs from our breeding pairs of Maldivian Anemonefish. Catch up with REEFSCAPERS coral biologists, and learn about the ‘sea turtle stranding season’ in the Maldives.

Reefscapers Dynamic Duo! – Meet Martyna and Sorin, 2 dedicated interns working on our coral restoration program at Kuda Huraa. Join the dynamic duo as they start maintaining 2,000+ coral frames, collecting & transplanting coral fragments for 7 solid hours in the water each day! 💙

Updates From Our Marine Biology Teams (Sept 2019) – See the Maldivian anemonefish eggs, and watch the Linckia sea star regenerating itself from a single arm. Meet our apprentices and volunteers, helping out with our Reefscapers coral propagation projects.

Turtle Tracks, Jolly Jellies & Fishy Tales – Local school children learn about marine conservation, and come face to face with the Aurelia jellyfish in our Kreisel tank. Join us at the Baa Atoll Turtle Festival, and then follow Peggy’s oceanic journey on our interactive satellite map.

Meet Olivia, an English post-graduate student of Tropical Marine Biology. She joined us at Landaa to research our Reefscapers coral propagation programme as part of her Master’s degree.

Marine Savers May Musings – Read about the Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) in our dedicated Kreisel tank. Our ‘Flying Turtles’ project has taken an interesting turn, and learn how you can contribute towards Maldivian turtle conservation by sending in your turtle photographs for ID.

Learn about Lotte’s new life at Landaa – helping with our Clownfish and jellies in the Fish Lab. There’s time to propagate some corals with our Reefscaping team, before caring for the injured turtle patients at our rescue centre and kick-starting the ‘Flying Turtles’ programme.

Updates From Landaa & Kuda Huraa (April 2019)
 – Take a front row seat at the Microplastics Workshop to learn about the adverse effects of plastic pollution on whale sharks in the Maldives. And then meet the thriving jellies in our new Kreisel jellyfish tank … the perfect home.

Chathu’s Story – Chathu spent ten weeks as a marine biology intern at Landaa Giraavaru, learning about the different marine biology programmes, including Turtle care, the Fish Lab and Coral propagation.

Monthly Marine Roundup (March 2019) – Fly over Kuda Huraa’s lagoon for a great aerial view of our REEFSCAPERS coral frames! Meet the juvenile flying fish down in our Fish Lab, and discover why March has been a record month for strandings of sea turtles around the Maldives.

Louise’s Life at Landaa – I am currently working on my Master’s thesis with the Reefscapers team. For my project, I will be assessing the growth rate of the coral frames that are located around the island as part of the reef restoration programme.

Meet Marine Intern Julia – There are large numbers of adult Olive Ridley turtles drifting to the Maldives, trapped in discarded (ghost) fishing gear, often wounded and dehydrated. We are busy turtle feeding and monitoring, and discussing our conservation efforts with resort guests.

Sea Turtles And Plastic – The effects of the 8 million tonnes of synthetic waste entering the oceans each year is a huge and growing concern. Plastic debris is being discovered across the entire marine ecosystem, from plankton and corals, to crabs, seabirds, turtles and whales.