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Baa Atoll Innafushi

The island of Innafushi, located in the southern part of Baa Atoll (a recently declared UNESCO Biosphere Reserve) has been leased from the Government of Maldives to develop a Marine Research Centre, focusing on coral culture and aquaculture.

This pristine virgin island in the small atoll of Goidhoo is a perfect study ground for the evolution of a natural system. In the medium term, it will also be a showcase for soft engineering adaptation methods such as reefscaping in coastal protection and biodiversity management.

Building concept

Our marine research centre at Innafushi will in itself be a prototype of small autonomous units able to provide indispensable on-the-ground presence around the country. These will be relying as much as possible on energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as have appropriate solutions for waste water and solid waste disposal.


Through a rigorous selection process, the pace of adaptative change of many species will be accelerated. Eventually, with pockets of stronger corals wisely spread in the atolls, the natural reef may also be recolonised with stronger offspring.


Coral Frame Database

Here you can find details of the coral frames transplanted into the lagoon here at our Innafushi research station. Simply enter your name or email address or¬†coral frame tag number (eg: M400) into the search box and press “Submit“.
For more examples of coral frames and to see how they flourish over time, visit Marine Savers where we have over 3,000 frames transplanted in the lagoons at Four Seasons Resorts Maldives.

Thank you to all our sponsors for supporting our important coral reef propagation work.

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