Join Our Coral Frame Sponsorship Programme

If you want to support our coral frame and reef propagation projects, we will make and transplant your frame, email you its unique reference number and upload photos of it onto this site every six months for you to monitor progress.
You can choose to locate your frame at one of our selected partner resorts, dedicate it to the person of your choice, and make payment using our order form and the familiar PayPal payment system. We hope that one day you can come and see your frame in person!


Frame Size
Dedication Row 1 (18 letters)
Dedication Row 2 (18 letters)

Choose your desired frame size (or the heart shape) and then select a Location (island) from the dropdown list. You may also write your name or a short dedication on the frame’s ID tag (2 rows of 18 characters, A-Z/0-9).

Once you have made your selection, clicking the ‘Pay Now‘ button will transfer you to the secure PayPal site, where you can review your details before making payment. You will be prompted to login to your PayPal account like normal, or you can elect to pay with credit card (no account required).

If you wish to sponsor multiple frames, contact us to discuss sponsoring a patch of reef of a given size, and we can create a custom shape in the lagoon.

Coral Frame Dimensions
Small:  h 50cm, w 110cm (base) & 40cm  (top); 32 fragments.
Medium: h 60cm, w 180cm (base) & 58cm  (top); 56 fragments.
Large:  h 55cm, w 200cm (base) & 110cm (top); 90 fragments.


Thank you for your valuable support

Moving our coral frames – Reefscapers director Thomas Le Berre at Kuda Huraa, Maldives. (c) George Steinmetz